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Andrea Eskau

Dominating the Paralympic Games with Toyota by her side.
  • Born Mar. 21, 1971
  • Hometown Apolda, Germany
  • Sport Para Cycling, Para Cross-Country Skiing
  • Paralympic Games 2008, 2012, 2016
  • Paralympic Winter Games 2010, 2014, 2018


Playing Para sports may have been born from necessity for Andrea, but before long the German powerhouse became one of the dominating forces on the Paralympic scene in summer and winter sports. She tried out wheelchair basketball first and eventually expanded her skills to Para cross-country skiing, Para biathlon, wheelchair racing and handcycle racing. To date, Andrea has won 37 World Championship medals and is a 27-time World Champion in handcycling, Para biathlon and Para cross-country skiing.

"The sacrifice and effort which goes into [winning a gold Paralympic medal] is truly incredible, and we’re so proud to be a small part of Andrea’s team." – Toyota TMG engineer

Quote I've achieved many, many medals, but my biggest achievement as an athlete is to be fair and competitive. That's what I believe is very, very important. Unquote

Inspired by Andrea’s unrelenting determination to challenge what’s possible, Toyota approached her in 2012 to initiate a collaboration. Focused on comfort and speed, we have worked closely with Andrea to create custom-made lightweight carbon fiber solutions for her bike and sledge that would give the star athlete an even greater competitive edge at the Paralympic Games.

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