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Concept vehicle shown.

Moving everybody efficiently and comfortably.

APM (Accessible People Mover) is a mobility vehicle designed expressly for use at the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. With the vision of "Mobility for All," APM offers a "one-last-mile" solution that helps transport as many people as possible to events and venues, including athletes and staff related to the Games as well as all types of visitors.

Capacity Up to 5 Passengers
Range 100 KM
Top Speed 19 KM/H
Offering "last-mile" transportation and relief.
Rear three-quarter view of Accessible People Mover highlighting the yellow handrails, curved rear end, and bench seating.

Mobility for All.

Over 200 of the vehicles will be in Tokyo, performing a variety of functions. The flexibility of the vehicles makes them perfect for a cosmopolitan environment where they can be called on to perform in many different areas. There will be two models used during the Games:

Base Model

  • Low-speed, short-distance, battery-powered vehicle. Suitable for urban distances and durations.
  • Useful to visitors, including the elderly, people with impairments, pregnant women and families with small children, among others.
  • Built-in ramps for riders using wheelchairs.

Relief Specifications

  • While using the basic model as the foundation, half of the second- and third-row space has been reserved for a stretcher. In addition, to help transport people needing relief in a stable, safe way, the vehicle will also be equipped with a stretcher that can be attached or secured.
  • The vehicle is designed with space to allow two health workers to sit next to the stretcher.

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