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Concept vehicle shown.

A new mobility service for everyone.

At the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, e-Palette will support the transportation needs of staff and athletes by providing a dozen or more vehicles that will run on a continuous loop within the Olympic and Paralympic Village. This is Toyota's first BEV developed specifically for Autono-MaaS.*

*Combination of "autonomous" and "mobility as a service" describing Toyota's mobility services using automated driving vehicles.
Power Electric
Navigation Automated Driving
A mobile bicycle shop serves customers on the road.

Services which meet customer needs.

e-Palette is customizable in many ways. Its flat, open interior can be outfitted with a variety of different equipment to suit your needs. Examples of different uses include: ride sharing, retail shopping or food delivery.

The Toyota e-Palette accommodates a wheelchair passenger with an extendable ramp.

Together, smarter.

Toyota is focused on creating new, attractive features for partners to expand their value chain and improve customers' lives. This will be accomplished by collaborating with other service providers and technology development companies to fully realize the potential of products like e-Palette.

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