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A cleaner future lies where hydrogen meets oxygen.

We are driving the future with fuel cell-powered mass transit to replace traditional fossil-fueled buses. Sora (an acronym for the water cycle: sky, ocean, river, air) is on the road in Tokyo, carrying passengers toward a zero-emission, convenient, and stylish mobility future.

Safety ITS Connect Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication System, Emergency Driving Stop System (EDSS), Collision Warning System, Field of Vision Support Camera System
Powertrain Toyota Fuel Cell System (TFCS)
Capacity 79
A Toyota Sora -Fuel Cell Electrified Vehicle emblazoned with multicolored icons of athletes running.

Convenient and eco-conscious.

Powered by clean, renewable hydrogen, Sora embodies what the future of transportation can achieve. Sora features human-centric universal design and functions, reflecting Toyota's desire that when riding Sora, mobility no longer presents an impediment to customers challenging the impossible, which helps enable them to achieve their dreams. It’s the future of mobility, and the only by-product is water.

Sora: Sky, Ocean, River, Air
A black-and-white bus with rounded edges and yellow accents. "Fuel Cell Bus" is displayed on a screen near its roofline.

Moving smarter.

The futuristic style and striking LED light features aren't just for show. Sora buses are able to communicate with each other in "smart convoys" to conserve energy and streamline commutes. They can be used as emergency power sources in case of emergency, offering 235 kWh.* And, inside, the seats stow automatically when not in use (first in Japan), making room for standing passengers and strollers.

*The power that can be supplied and the amount of power may differ, depending on the performance of the power supply unit, amount of hydrogen remaining, and power consumption.

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