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See how Koki uses the magic of mobility to transform Tokyo.

Introducing a new era of mobility.

There is magic in movement. With a vision for the future, and a little help from the Olympic and Paralympic mascots, Koki transforms a city from present day to what's possible in the future. Though some things, like the excitement of driving and the love of cars (like our classic 2000GT), never change. During the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, we are taking our first step toward bringing this magical vision to life with around 3700 mobility products on the ground.

Mobility Products of Tokyo 2020

Movement can feel magical. See the actual products Toyota has developed to support the city of Tokyo and the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Concept vehicle shown.


A new mobility service for everyone.

Concept vehicle shown.


Building an Emotional Bond with Its Driver

Prototype shown. Not available for sale.


Responsive and remote-controlled robotics.

Sora -Fuel Cell Electrified Vehicle Bus

Convenient and eco-conscious.

Concept vehicles shown.

Walking Area BEV Family

Lighten the load of the last mile.

JPN Taxi

Embodying the spirit of Japanese hospitality.

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