Toyota Wheel Park

Toyota's sponsorship of the world's first wheel park reinforces its commitment to delivering Ever Better Mobility for All.

Introducing Lily Rice

Lily Rice is the first woman in Great Britain to do a wheelchair backflip. And she did it when she was 13. She knows anything is possible when we are free to move and with her success is inspiring other girls to take up wheelchair motorcross (WCMX). Some day, Lily wants to see her sport recognized in the Paralympic Games, where she hopes to compete.

The Toyota Wheel Park

The next athlete drops onto the ramp and the low thrum of her wheels reverberates through their wooden studs. The sound announces to spectators another rider is in the park. But she’s not on a bike, a skateboard or rollerblades. She’s dropping into a fully-accessible hybrid skate park; and she is in a wheelchair.

And she’s not the only one smiling. Able-bodied athletes also take turns in the provided wheelchairs. Expanding WCMX as a sport proves any stigma there is toward physical impairment isn’t as strong as the human desire to move.

Quote This is a first for Toyota and is symbolic of Toyota's vision of Ever Better Mobility for All. Toyota's vision is to offer integrated mobility solutions to everyone, including those with physical impairments, ensuring an increasingly inclusive society. Unquote
Mauro Caruccio
CEO, Toyota Motor Italia

Inclusive Hybrid Park

Focused on the freedom and fun of wheeled mobility, it's built for sports like BMX, skateboarding, and one of the youngest action sports on the planet, WCMX.

Building a Better Society

Toyota is committed to the freedom to move, whether it’s across the country, across town or across the wheel park because when we are free to move, anything is possible.

Wheelchair motocross rider Lily Rice smiles at the camera while holding her helmet and throwing the shaka hand sign.

Start Your Impossible

Toyota helps riders like Lily Rice of Great Britain turn her dream into a reality by providing resources and visibility to help champion her campaign: make WCMX an official Paralympic sport.

Mobility for All

The wheel park allows more people to move in ways too-often available only to the able-bodied. Toyota’s vision of equal access hopes to bring mobility, joy and passion to everybody.

A young skateboarder flashes the bottom of his board at the top of the ramp. The board is covered in art and stickers.